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Cotuit is where Jeff’s Uncle Walter has a summer home that he shares with the family. Andrea and Jeff have been lucky to be able to use it several times. A few years ago they let me use an ocean kayak to try it out. I took it out to the Bay for a spin. To tell the truth it was not very comfortable and I’ve made up my mind I would never buy an ocean kayak. I need comfort! The seat is the most important thing to concentrate on when buying a kayak!

There is a nice launch on Old Shore Road off of Putnum Ave. The only issue is parking, it’s very limited and your supposed to have a Barnstable parking permit. Needless to say I’ve been lucky…

Standing tall in the bay

I’ve been out on the bay once in 2010 on the ocean kayak, once with Jeff in 2011 when we went across the harbor and once with Jeff and Andrea this year. It is great paddling through boats of all kinds anchored in the harbor and sometimes stopping to talk with the sailors aboard. Across the harbor is The Grand Island… It’s grand all right; I’d say the average price of one of the mansions on the bay would be about three million dollars!

Osprey family in nest, Rich family watching!

I especially like one that had it’s very own Osprey nest! Imagine being able to watch the family grow year round through the comfort of your living room, den, or hammock! Jeff and I made it to Sampson’s Island and then half way through the channel that goes to West Bay.

Sampson Island

Sampson’s Island is a protected Audubon wildlife sanctuary. We got out to look for the terns that nest here. You can watch them darting around but they were too fast and far away from me to get good pictures. The interior grasslands are roped off to humans and dog are banned from the island. It’s worth a stop anyway as it’s a great experience; it’s nature at its finest!

When going through the channel with Jeff, Dead Neck Island is on the right, it was here that we really enjoyed watching hundreds of hermit crabs retreating from the shore en masse into the weeds as we moved our kayaks closer then inching back the same way after we were still for a few minutes. Every time we moved, they moved! Outstanding!

Osprey after lunch

On the trip to Sampson Island in 2012, while waiting for Jeff and Andrea to arrive I sat in my kayak and watched an Osprey dive feet first into the bay for breakfast. He then flew up and perched on top a tall pine where I watched him preen his feathers for about a half hour before he decided to fly off to who knows where. When they arrived we made our way out to the Sampson’s Island. For Andrea and Jeff it was about collecting sea shells on the beach. Andrea was happy to get some great ones for her collection. While she was collecting her shells I watched a gull open a clam he had found. After several attempts of flying the clam up about fifty feet and dropping it hoping to hit a rock to break it open he was successful. So fun to watch.

Returning home we found that Cotuit Bay is hard to kayak in the wind so pick a calm day. There was a storm approaching and the wind was kicking up the waves making it a tough paddle back. But as with just about all my kayak trips it was worth the effort.

So if your ever in the neighborhood bring your kayak, camera, and binoculars and enjoy another great kayak spot. I sure loved Cotuit Bay and would not mind living here,,, or anywhere on the Cape as far as that goes!

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