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In 2010 while on vacation at the Cape I met up with Don and Samantha and we took a ride out to Eastham in search of a new experience. I had been looking at my books and maps and this area intrigued me, a salt marsh right along the Cape Cod National Seashore. So, up Route 6 we went. The put in we chose was on Salt Pond Bay. Hemenway Road was easily missed at Route 6 speeds, but after turning around we were soon at the chosen spot. It looked beautiful, picture postcard perfect!

Oysters all in a row

Oysters all in a row

The first sight to take in was the oyster farm. Stretching out in a great semicircles the likes I’ve never seen. Why were they stretch out in this fashion when most times I’ve seen them the cages are usually bound together in tight rectangles? I may never know. These oyster cages and their inhabitants never looked very appealing to me. Peering into the cages the oysters look dirty and slimy. To think they are probably sucking up the nutrients in that mess does not make me want to partake of the delicacy!

Working for supper

Paddling out a little further we could see a few clam diggers working tirelessly in the morning sun. Again digging oysters or clams out of the mud is not my cup of tea. Maybe it takes more then a cup of tea to make me want to eat them? How about a double shot to Tequila? 🙂

The marsh was quite big, looking at the map it looked like there was a few islands to explore but when we were there it was low tide and it was so very low that approaching them was impossible. In fact when we went around the backside of an island called Tom Doan’s Hammock we found ourselves high and dry stuck in the muddy sand. We had to get out and pull the kayaks back out to deeper water. This was the second time we had to do that, the other time on Barton’s Cove. For some reason when Don gets out of his kayak to pull in a situation alike this he inevitably seems to fall in. Poor Don. 😦 Well this was not the most pleasant task but we managed to save ourselves for another day of kayaking.

Hermit Heaven!

I really thought that this expanse of water would have provided a rich assortment of birds and waterfowl, but alas, we saw very little. A few Great Black Backed gulls, a swan, an osprey nest, tons of tiny hermit crabs and what looked like a Ivory Gull. Didn’t get a great shot to really tell but the Ivory Gull is very rare if it was. We did make our way into Nauset Bay by way of Cedar Bank Creek as it was deep enough at the time we were there but to really see more of Nauset Marsh we would have to return closer to high tide. None the less, it was another great kayaking experience and I do think I’ll return some day.

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