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Oyster boat

In 2006 on one of my yearly Cape Cod vacations we stayed in Chatham.  Great spot overlooking the sound.  Looking for a new place to kayak I noticed Oyster Pond on a map and just had to go.  So on this trip Megan and I met up with my brother Don and we headed towards Oyster Pond River.  I’d spent many summer vacations in Harwich Port and Denis Port and from there Chatham was a frequent destination, but I never had a kayak on top of my car! Launching on Oyster Pond River from Vineyard Avenue, Oyster Pond was on the left. I thought the river was more like a harbor with so many boats moored there. Oyster Pond is what it is named for, as oyster farming here is what it’s all about. Not only were there plenty of oyster cages but it was the first time I observed an oyster shucking boat. Pretty interesting to see, but I wouldn’t want to work on one! The cages and machinery are sea weathered, dark and dirty. Not sure I want to eat oysters anytime soon either. Gee, I think I said that in my Nauset Marsh post. 🙂

Cormorant with breakfast…

Going out to the bay through the Oyster Pond River was not my idea of fun as this particular day brought hundreds of tiny black flies that we’re biting ferociously! We’ve had better days kayaking. Once we were clear of the river and in the bay it got better. Now there’s a benefit of kayaking that you normally don’t think of unless your experiencing a swarm of black flies or mosquitoes, once far enough out they don’t bother you. We watched a Cormorant swimming peacefully when suddenly his head went down and he came up with an eel! It sure was entertaining watching him toss it up in the air several time as he worked at swallowing it whole! Not something you see very often.

Megan – Harding Beach Point

As I said, in the pond and the river there were an assortment of small boats moored, but as we entered out into the bay they were much larger. There was one yacht sitting by itself near to mouth of the bay that I swear looked like a cruise ship! I felt so small next to it, but took solace in not having that gas bill! We paddled fairly hard across the bay to reach the other side which, looked very inviting with its long white sandy beach facing the bay and the dunes, sea grass and ocean beyond. Once there though, it seemed rather desolate and I could only think of having to battle the black flies again on the way back. However, desolate as it was, we did linger as it was very beautiful as well. I might go back here some day but being as a Great White was sighted in the harbor this year I might think twice and stay in the river and Oyster Bay.

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