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Don't take your kayak over this dam!

Don't take your kayak over this dam!

Aldrich Lake is another great local place to kayak.  We could throw our kayaks on the top of the car and be there in 30 minutes. We could probably make it there in twenty but of course there is the ten minute stop at Dunkin’ Donuts!  I used to drive Amherst Street almost daily when I went to UMASS. I loved this little country road with it’s twists and turns.  Then there was driving by the lake!  Many times I’d see cars parked by the road, fishermen I always figured.  Whenever we pointed to the map and said let’s go here that was a good decision.  The first time we put in was on the west side of Amherst St. there was a bit of a downhill carry. After that we found the east side was much easier.

The eastern half of the lake is a little smaller but very nice.  There is a dam at the far side above the Aldich Mills. A drive down Aldrich St to visit to the mill is worth the trip. Love the old mill’s waterwheel.  There is a nice little cove to the north.

Spring Ice Kayaking!

As you kayak into it you’ll notice some great fishing spots on the banks.  Once we got out and walked into the woods. Finding the remains of an old stone foundation made me wonder who built it and lived here so close to such a nice little lake. How long ago was it that the house standing here?   I think it’s almost like what it would have been living on Walden Pond!  In fact kayaking one cold March morning there was still ice on the lake. If you’ve ever read Walden you’ll remember the description of ice melting in the spring. How little bubbles form on the ice as it melts. As the ice gets thinner it takes on a honeycomb pattern.  Exactly as Thoreau describes in 1847

Gong under the road in one of the two steel tubes that connect the lake is a nice experience,,, that is unless you’re not afraid of spiders!  I think there were a few.  Renee told me once she and Don were doing kayak fishing here one night after supper and a thunderstorm came up so they took cover in the tubes.  Only later to be told that it’s a more dangerous place to be while on the water in a thunderstorm. UGH!

The end of the road! Beaver Dam!

There is more open water on the west side of the road.  Here the destination is Batchelor Brook.  Early season best as late season has some weed restrictions.  You wont be able to get to far up the brook but it’s good to explore.  About as far as we ever made it was what looks like the remains of an old stone bridge. It’s king of neat paddling up into the current but we never made it past.  It;s a beaver dam that was holding us back.   There were markers on the trees the last time I visited here.  This made me wonder if I could ever have the opportunity to buy a piece of property on the water.  This was nice but far from the nearest road and was a bit to darkly wooded for my taste.  Not something Diane would go for, that was sure!  So for now dream on…

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