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It doesn't get much better than this!

When we were kids, my family spent many summer days at Uncle Euclid’s camp on Nine Mile Pond in Wilbraham. One of my favorite legs of the trip was Shawinigan Drive overlooking Monsanto; we used to sing M-O-N,,, S-A-N,,, T-O! MONSANTO!!! The other was the drive on River Road in Indian Orchard. The river was always so beautiful.  It’s no wonder I made this one of my first spots to explore once I started to kayak.

I remember the first trip up river I spotted my first Great Blue Heron.  It’s really a thrill when you can get close to watch one of these birds.  They are so quite and graceful. Another memory is the lush green trees along both banks all the way up.  You would think you’re in Maine or Canada!  One note of caution though, if you go during the week there is a rock quarry on the right side is fairly loud,,, weekends are best!

One of our greatest outings!

In 2003 I had 2 very memorable trips up this gorgeous river with my brothers Don and Ray and my Mom and Dad and again with my sister Elise.  What a great way to spend a morning, we all had a great time.  We went all the way up past the Ludlow Country Club on the left hand side of the river.  On Another trip I can remember Megan being so thrilled catching a few little fish with a net she bought just for the trip.

Megan 11 years old - Catches the big one!

We have been all the way up to the next dam at Cottage Avenue. There is one spot that is a little strange. That’s going under the power lines that cross the river.  Strange is the sound of the power surging through the lines.  It’s such a powerful hum.  So what would happen if a line ever broke and fell into the river?

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