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This way from South Pond to Middle Pond

One Sunday morning I was looking at the map for a new experience. There it was, Congamond Lakes, and it was only a half hour away. There was a boat launch on the top of Middle Pond which would ensure an easy in and out. However, on arrival we found they wanted $5.00 per kayak to launch. My sad face must have struck a nerve as I was graciously given a map and shown where a good kayak put in was. The attendant had just bought kayaks and knew of a great spot on Congamond Road road just by the bridge between South Pond and Middle Pond. We were told “If you go by Crabby’s Cafe you’ve gone too far! Kayaks are better, they don’t pollute!”

There was a nice parking area right near the South Pond, the only caution here was a couple of large sink holes, so watch your step if you go. The water was very inviting, with only few boats out at that time of the morning. We were drawn to the right, behind Crabby’s, looks like a great place to have a meal and or drinks. We then went under the bridge into Middle Pond and made our way to the South Ramp. One good thing about state run boat ramps is they have “facilities”!  Of all the boats docked, a large proportion were pontoon boats.  It must be quite the way of life floating your summers away on a pontoon boat. Maybe when I get too old to get in my kayak I’ll think about one. 🙂

Like a kayaker enjoying the sun.
(Photo Credit – Don Samson)

We didn’t stay in Middle Pond long, as we liked what we saw in South Pond. Deciding that we weren’t going to stay long we decided to head to the east side of the pond for the morning shade. There’s a really great feeling you get when you paddle out of the sun into the cool morning shade. It is really revitalizing when you’re floating in a kayak with nowhere special to go. The spot we landed in was no exception. Trees overhung the water which was crystal clear and the bottom was covered with stones that had been worn smooth by the running waters of previous centuries. It’s a time like this when your kayaking with my brother Don that the conversation will inevitably turn to some new fact about the cosmos or other equally deep subject. Don is a great conversationalist and kayak buddy! I don’t have to ask him if we are going kayaking on Sunday mornings, it is assumed!

Grand-Daddy Blue (Photo Credit – Don Samson)

While sitting under the shade we spotted a Great Blue standing peacefully in the weeds on the nearby shore of a little cove.  We headed in to take a closer look.  He was a granddaddy for sure.  We watched him and he watched us for quite some time before he decided he wanted more privacy and flew off gackling.

As we came out of the cove our attention was shifted to some radio controlled sea planes flying the skies above.   There were three of them and they were doing some serious maneuvers.  Secretly I was hoping to see a mid-air collision…  Two came close once but I think that showed the skill of the pilots.  Heading into shore the pilots were on the nearby shore. We watched as one of the sea planes landed and was taxing in the water around their dock when out of the blue a second seaplane flew in from my left right across my bow only a few feet away!  It could have been a murder by seaplane! Did he know I was secretly hoping to see his plane destroyed in mid-air?  Maybe I should have known I was in his landing zone… or maybe he should have known he was in mine!!!  In the end I escaped to live another day to blog about another yet to be experienced paddle in my kayak.

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