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Put in area below the dam with a Great Blue Heron flying off

I found this spot in my Quiet Water kayaking book. Reading about it sure sounded like a nice spot. So early on a cloudy Sunday morning I picked up my kayaking buddy Don and we loaded the kayaks on the car and headed to Dunkin Donuts to pick up fuel for the ride. Getting there from Chicopee was a bit of a trip but once again, a common theme, it was worth the effort. We took Rte. 20 to Rte. 8 south. The turn off was on the right just after passing the Chicken Farm. We stopped in the store after our trip, surprise… they had eggs!!! Interesting store, maybe this was how Walmart started? The put in was just a bit down the dirt road and below a man-made dam. As I said it was a cloudy day and there was a chance of showers, but hey, we’re diehards so we put in and shoved off. We made our way down river in quite the lazy fashion. There was a variety of beautiful scenery with hills, swamps, open grassland, and treed areas to enjoy. The river had plenty of twists and turns to make it very interesting. I don’t remember much in the way of birds in the area, it may have had something to do with the threat of rain.

Don pushing over a beaver dam

This was surly beaver territory! Going down river we first went over a ruptured beaver dam. This looked like a area that beavers might have tried rebuilding dams every few years and after floods come up dry. But soon after passing a large beaver lodge we hit a formidable beaver dam. Sitting there in front of such a magnificent beaver dam that stretched well over fifty feet and stood over ten feet high… Wow < Click here to see it! > ! You have to hand it to those beavers! This was probably the largest dam I’ve seen so far. As it turned out a light rain broke out just as we arrived at the dam. We took shelter under the trees,,,,

This was the second time Don and I enjoyed sitting in a kayak in the rain, it’s wonderful! The sound of the raindrops on the water and the lily pads is so soothing!!! < Click here to experience it! >

The Lodge

The trip down the Farmington was only about a mile but given the extra time we spent at this dam made it all worth while. This brought back many memories of books I’ve read that chronicled the lives of beavers and the pioneers that settled this great country. The Centennial and Astoria were a couple of great books that chronicled the lives of beaver trappers that I’ve read. Perhaps if born a few hundred years ago…

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