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Mirror Lake from the Inn

If a name was ever so just… In 2008 we decided to take a family vacation somewhere different so we booked a suite at the Mirror Lake Inn. It was a magnificent old mansion overlooking the lake. This is where the “Fuller Brush Man” went when he retired in case you didn’t know. 🙂 The Inn was truly a first class experience. The wood working and furnishings were superb. The view, the pools, and the Adirondack setting were all outstanding.

Let the games begin?

Most striking was a game room done up with such warmth that sitting among dozens of wild animals was so soothing. Had some great times here with the family.

The hotel had paddle boats and kayaks available to its guests so we tried both. Paddle boats weren’t worth a dam, maybe they were just bad as we could never get them to go in the direction we wanted. Kayaks on the other hand allowed us free reign around the lake! The dock and beach like the Inn were first class. The lake bordering the town was developed but the remainder was quite pristine. In the distance were beautiful Adirondack hills to round out the experience.

The town was definitely a bit worn with its memories of the 1980 Olympic winter games of past. But what made the week was the Iron Man Competition being held in town. It was abuzz with contestants running, biking, and swimming.

Lake Placid is also right in town, but sorry to say, I really didn’t find a good place to kayak on the lake. It was two or three times the size of Mirror Lake and had much more private development surrounding it that made access hard. So Mirror lake it was…

Ironmen! (and women too!)

The lake was set up for the Ironman competition with cones marking off the coarse for the triathlon swimmers. Just paddling around the course in the kayaks took quite a bit of time. Just imagine swimming it! They do a swim of 2.4 miles! Of course we kept our distance so not to distract them but we were still close enough to really experience the feat they were accomplishing. There were a couple of large groups of contestants taking their turns at it. When watching them close to shore I was amazed at the age span. You really had to marvel at their strength and stamina. Maybe it was just my take as I’m a lazy river kayaker 🙂

Black Duck – Black Sheep?

We saw Black ducks paddle the lake and really enjoyed watching a mom with her seven little ones, one of which was a lone yellow cutie. So was he not the black sheep of the family? When dining later that evening we watched as ducks waddled casually into the restaurant to our table. Actually it was quite fun eating while watching the ducks come in through the sliders and the waitress shoeing them right back out. While kayaking around we saw a wedding boat waiting under a makeshift boat house for the next bride and groom.

We took walks around the town and enjoyed a concert on the town green. While we listened on the lawn while others were floating on the lake! Wished that it where I was. We rode to neighboring sites.

Whiteface Mountain – View from the top…

We went up Whiteface Mountain in a gondola. So very beautiful up above 3,500 ft. One note, we were surprised they allowed mountain bikes up in the gondolas and more surprising allowed them down the slopes! We also took a day to visit Lake George. There we took a boat ride around the lake; seemed too big to kayak to me. We also went to a beautiful gorge nearby and walked into its depths.

“The Trill of Victory…”

Oh one more thing, on the way home we stopped at the Olympic Bobsled course. We just had to stop for the kids. Well, me too… In summer without the ice all that remains is cement; sounds pretty dangerous but I’m thinking slamming into an ice wall is equally as fatal. Anyway except for Diane, we were up for the adventure. The bobsled held the driver and two daredevils. With hard wheels on hard concrete it was a really fast, really bumpy, really jarring ride to the bottom. Would I do it again? No. The girls? Yes I’m sure.

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